“Dr. Kaufman and his wonderful staff provided very professional and caring treatments during my recent appointments. I had internal injuries and lost many teeth due to an accident. My appearance and health suffered and my medical bills were astronomical but Dr. Kaufman and his staff were so kind and have helped me so much in my recovery. Thanks to Dr. Kaufman and all of his staff for all they did to help me.

Love and blessings,

“As a child, the only time my parents took me to a dentist was for fillings or when work needed to be done – and it was ALWAYS very painful.  Therefore, I grew up terrified when it came to going to the dentist….That is, until I started seeing Dr. Kaufman – 26 years ago!!  I can honestly say that I have not one time felt any pain in all those years (and my teeth needed a lot of extensive work done too)!!  I had an experience recently that I would like to share, so you can decide for yourself how great this dentist really is.  I had a fall in which I fell face down on some very hard tile, chipping three of my front teeth.  (Not a pretty or pleasant picture to say the least!!)  Naturally it was on a Saturday afternoon after office hours, I called Dr. K’s emergency after hours number, and to my surprise, he arranged to come in the next day – on a Sunday just for me.  He fixed the broken teeth and put on temporary crowns that looked fantastic.  There aren’t very many dentists I know of who would do that for a patient.  I then scheduled appointments to have permanent crowns made and they feel fantastic and are absolutely beautiful!  He did a wonderful job!!  Also, he and his staff worked with me in filing claims with the insurance company (which they have always done in the past also).  I can truly say that Dr. K does fantastic work, and is very caring with his patients (and he doesn’t hurt!!!)  If you are looking for a great dentist, I TOTALLY recommend Kaufman Dental Group.

-Pam Dixon

“I am very impressed with Dr. Kaufman and his entire staff.  Their expertise, professionalism, caring friendliness and tasteful office surroundings are simply the best.”

– Carol Griner

“I’ve always been afraid of going to the dentist until I went to Dr. Kaufman.  He eased my nerves, was very patient and empathetic.  I couldn’t smile or laugh without hiding my mouth.  Now I smile with confidence.  Many thanks to Dr. Kaufman!

Vickie McGuire – a patient for life