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dentist in columbus ohioEveryone should have a family dentist in Columbus, Ohio you trust to give you the warm, caring, attentive service you deserve. When a child is three years old, wide-eyed at all the new sights and sounds in a dental office, we want to see how your teeth are developing to make sure they are free of dental disease(cavities) and erupting in the proper order/sequence. Regular dental exams and cleanings for the whole family allow us to diagnose problems early, before they become a larger more serious issue. We feel that with oral hygiene a strong defense is the best offense to prevent cavities and gum disease, which has a direct link to your overall health. Our dentists in Columbus, Ohio also do regular oral cancer exams to detect potential problems before they are more serious.

You may think everything is healthy in your mouth because you have no pain. Unfortunately, gum disease and cavities are painless until they become advanced and require extensive treatment. If you feel sharp edges or holes in your teeth, your gums are bleeding, or there are odors you cannot get rid of it’s time to call us for the thorough exam you deserve. We will be gentle, caring, and respectful of your needs. All services and fees will be explained fully to you prior to treatment. Give us a call today and schedule your appointment with one of our dentists in Columbus, Ohio.